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Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 [PC]

Enter one of the following codes:

TOURETTES - unknown effect
OHMATRON - unknown effect
PIEANDMASH - unknown effect
ASAWINDOW - unlimited lives and all weapons 
NOTOURETTES - unknown effect
DEATHTOALL - type "asterisk" for all weapons 
FLASHMOTOR - level select
SUPER WELL - level select
TRAVELCARD - level select and unlimited lives
6661970 - unlimited lives
IAMFILTH - no police
TITHEAD - no police
IAMGOD - 10x multiplier 
AVERYRICHMAN - 999999999 points
UAINTNUFFIN - all items 
PSYCHADELIC - use horn to change colors
SILENCE - kill police radio
DRIVEBY - fire gun out side window
HERC - lots of goodies
ROMMEL - debug mode 

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