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Grand Theft Auto [PC]

To use these cheats go to the character select screen and press "delete" or "backspace", enter the desired code, then press "enter".

6031769 - unlimited life
ITGALLUS - all levels and cities
NINEINAROW - all levels and cities
SUPER WELL - all levels and cities
ITSGALLUS - all levels all cities
IAMTHELAW - no police presence
STEVESMATES - no police presence
ITCOULDBEYOU - 999999999 points
SUCKMYROCKET - all weapons, armor, and jail key
ITSTANTRUM - unlimited lives
HATE MACHINE - 10x multiplier bonus
% MACHINE - 10x multiplier bonus
BUCKFAST - press * on the numberpad for all weapons
PORKCHARSUI - game diagnostics
HEARTOFGOLD - view fmv sequences
IAMGARYPENN - extra offensive mode
IAMNOTGARYPENN - disable offensive mode
CALLMENIGEL - extra life & armor
IAMFILTH - no cops
TOURETTES - all weapons
6661970 - infinite lives
AVERYRICHMAN - 999999999 points

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